Creative Event & PR companies with solutions for companies and individuals that we have
known and worked with for over 10
years. Partners and event companies through the years.


Erwik Communications creates customized promotional solutions with a focus on new media
and events. With a broad and large network that his strength Erwik Communication creates
innovative, smart and viral PR solutions with a focus on new media and events.


Neo Events has the experience to implement star-studded events, gala dinners, inaugurations
golf events, movie premieres, product launches and corporate parties. Always seeking the
optimal solution for each event, and have the resources to take care of big campaigns as well
as single events. PR specialists working purposefully PR efforts and customize everything
from the unconventional  press briefings to the strategy.



Film Premieres, record releases, corporate events, tavern anniversaries, inaugurations, product
launches. Johan Carlén has a long merit list. Likewise a list of steady repeat customers. Which
include most  the major movie studios, where the houses listed companies as Sharp Electronics
and Goldwell/Persea  as well as the prestigious car brand Audi. To name just a few.



Petré Events & PR is an innovative and creative events agency that has extensive knowledge
and experience from arranging events ranging from large corporate events, office openings,
store mingle at exclusive galas and premieres. They offer well organized events that has that
little extra. Whether it is a kick off for staff or a gala premiere.


Taste PR plans and implements public relations assignments for companies, organizations and
individuals. They have clients in a variety of industries with different audiences and different
conditions. Taste PR specialize in mass-media relations, social media and word of mouth PR
and events as galas, seminars and other corporate events. Taste PR gets the client project
planning, project management, and access to a wide range of suppliers and specialists.



Corporate events, anniversaries, meetings, party, kick-off gala, opening ceremonies, premieres
– a dear child has many names. Subito can help your company make the party that nobody wants
to miss, and everyone’s talking about afterwards. Everyone is equally welcome regardless of
industry, size of company or wallet. Like it should be when going to a party! Subito are a small
agency with big ideas and great creativity. Therefore, many of their clients renowned companies
who appreciate the commitment event agency Subito provides its customers.




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Zap Events is an event bureau based in Stockholm. The company has developed an important
network in the business over the years and has arranged a great variety of events local, national
and international. They deliver tailor-made solutions for internal, official and public events. All
in line with their client´s requirements and wishes. Zap Events is known for delivering high-end
events above expectations, having complete media coverage when arranging PR activities and
being a trustworthy partner. Therefore they possess a numerous long-term collaborations and
regular assigners which they are very proud of.




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Wonderland is a brand-driven event agency that creates creative experiences and meetings
for companies and brands. Wonderland aim to give their customers a consistently high level
of deliveries, which in turn could create the confidence needed to generate a successful
mission. Wonderland provide thorough and careful project management throughout the
entire process, from idea generation to actual execution and outcomes. Your event, large
or small, are under Wonderlands responsibility and professional performance, They ensure
that our customers can feel safe throughout the process. Before during and after implementation.
Wonderland like to have fun at work and then requires an openness and transparency towards
both customers and employees. Whatever the size of your assignment requires a broad tidy
network of contacts and a clear concept to ensure maximum exposure for your particular.
Wonderland have extensive experience in a wide range of clients and assignments and thus
can help you determine the right idea for your product, event or brand. Wonderland start with
your vision and budget and adapt then the event itself by those criteria.



We are the directors and producers of high-quality events that stays in people’s minds long after
the lights are switched out. Whether it be a private dinner, corporate function, store opening,
fashion show, cultural activity or major public event. Our tools include four central elements —
story, brand, guest and production — all considered and executed with tremendous attention to
detail. Our in-depth experience, combined with details in our SC Intelligence for Events database,
is designed to impress the ordinarily unimpressed. It´s all about ensuring the right balance between
the right guests in the right context, and it´s disastrously easy to spot when the balance isn´t there.
We know that it takes hard work to define what and who works best with whom — and why.

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